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furious_tv is a set of tools to take XMLTV TV listings and enable a UNIX system to automatically record programs off of a TV card. It is written in C and uses a SAX parser for maximum speed and efficiency.

Development: CLI Querying

Last Modified: 2003-08-17T05:47Z

I had been throwing around the idea of including a simple command-line tool for querying a furious_tv database. But in most cases I decided that people would probably have sqlite(1) installed. However, Debian (my current distribution) separates the SQLite library and the sqlite(1) command-line interface, so I decided to write a simple, tiny, convenient querying tool.

Using this tool, I'm working on a simple shell script-based CGI/XHTML interface to furious_tv. It's probably not going to be as fancy as WVCR, but it should be a simple interface for finding specific shows to record and monitoring when recordings are coming up. The only problem with it at the moment is that web-based applications are just a huge pain to set up. Especially since the webserver probably runs under a different user than the rest of furious_tv...

So I guess what I meant to say was that after a bit of minor setup the web interface should be useful =)