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furious_tv is a set of tools to take XMLTV TV listings and enable a UNIX system to automatically record programs off of a TV card. It is written in C and uses a SAX parser for maximum speed and efficiency.

Development: ftv_gnome After 1.0

Last Modified: 2003-09-05T07:56Z

If you're curious as to my motivation for writing ftv_gnome, or you want to know what tools I took advantage of, I suggest you read the ftv_gnome 1.0 Post-Mortem I just wrote up. It also has a bit of information on the future of ftv_gnome, which I'll duplicate here.

Basically, I'm quite happy with ftv_gnome at the moment. There are only two real improvements that I think would be helpful and would be fairly simple to implement.

If you have other ideas, please feel free to file feature requests and/or bug reports.