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furious_tv is a set of tools to take XMLTV TV listings and enable a UNIX system to automatically record programs off of a TV card. It is written in C and uses a SAX parser for maximum speed and efficiency.

Releases: ftv_gnome Version 1.1 Released

Last Modified: 2003-09-10T18:49Z

ftv_gnome Version 1.1

If you've been looking for international character support in furious_tv and ftv_gnome, it is now here! ftv_gnome requires furious_tv version 1.2 (which also had fixes for character encoding) and supports the display of non-ASCII characters.

ftv_gnome v1.1 also adds support for a list of favorite programs which will automatically be set to record when new listings are parsed. In addition to this, the favorites list is prioritized. Using the priorities in the Favorites tab of the Preferences window, time slot conflicts can automatically be resolved based on the conflicting programs' positions in the favorites list.

ftv_gnome also fixes a number of small bugs, as well as a few larger ones. For example, upon opening a newly-installed ftv_gnome installation, the preferences window would crash the application. Now the preferences window can only be opened once a furious_tv database is created or opened (fixing the preferences crash bug). Thanks to an anonymous bug report filer for pointing that problem out.

Users are encouraged to upgrade to furious_tv v1.2 and ftv_gnome v1.1. These releases should be considered stable and are hopefully bug-free. If you disagree, file a bug report.