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furious_tv is a set of tools to take XMLTV TV listings and enable a UNIX system to automatically record programs off of a TV card. It is written in C and uses a SAX parser for maximum speed and efficiency.

Development: ftv_gnome Preview

Last Modified: 2003-08-28T21:28Z

ftv_gnome Main Window

If ftv_web (the CGI frontend to furious_tv) doesn't work for you, there's still hope! I am currently working on ftv_gnome, a high-performance GNOME frontend to furious_tv.

In my personal opinion, web applications are a pain to install/get setup when compared to "regular" applications. Whether or not you agree, ftv_gnome will be a far superior interface than ftv_web, since it will be more powerful (and a lot faster, thanks to the fact that it's written in C). The fact that it opens quickly and integrates with a GNOME desktop well is also a plus.

One other quick note: ftv_gnome will not have a grid-based (TV guide-like) browsing mode. This is simply because the grid would probably be implemented with GtkHTML and therefore would be slower. However, the ease of filtering with the current interface should make a grid-based view unnecessary anyway.